Library Service Checklist

Before consulting this checklist, please refer to the description of the checklists and how they work.

This is a subset of the full list (which can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet) containing c.140 elements marked ‘Yes’ or ‘?’ in the Lib column.

Every element in the library systems column should be assessed with reference to the possibilities of integration and the challenges of duplication enumerated above – 62 library elements overlap with institutional interests and 64 with data and services in the above-campus and global ecosystem.


  • A – Category: divides the list into n broad functional areas
  • B – Element: represents the lowest level of our checklist, over 150 entries typically drawn from the standard headings in other checklists, such as UKCS, ULRMS, California Digital Library and Discovery
  • C – ULRMS: indicates whether this element is a heading in the Unified Library Resource Management Specification (2011)
  • D – UKCS: indicates whether this element is a heading in the UK Core Specification (2002)
  • E – LSP: suggests the importance of this element for a contemporary Library Service Platform scored from 1 (Essential), 3 (Important), 5 (Closely Related), 7 (Loosely related) to 9 (Not relevant)
  • F – Local library service:
  • G – Wider Institutional systems:
  • H – Global ecosystem services:

Columns F, G & H are marked with two values which indicate the relevance of the Element to that particular setting

  • y = definitely in scope (in typical academic libraries – though it may not be in your local requirement)
  • ? = possibly in scope though it might be covered elsewhere (as above)


CategorySub-categoryULRMSUKCSLSP ImpLibInstEco
Above-Campus serviceCentral KnowledgebaseULRMS1yy
Above-Campus serviceJournal Usage Statistics Shared Service1yy
Above-Campus serviceKnowledge Base Shared Service1yy
Above-Campus serviceMass-digitisation Collection1?y
Above-Campus serviceUnion Catalogue - physical or virtual1?y
Above-Campus serviceUnion list of serials holdings1?y
Above-Campus serviceElectronic Licence Comparison & Analysis1?y
Above-Campus serviceOpenURL Resolver1?y
Above-Campus serviceAcademic IDs (ORCID)5?yy
Above-Campus serviceShared print-in-place7??
Acquisition & AccessionStandard functions1y
Acquisition & AccessionSelection (incl lists from staff, users)ULRMSUKCS1y
Acquisition & AccessionPurchasing workflowsULRMSUKCS1yyy
Acquisition & AccessionActivationULRMS1y
Acquisition & AccessionLicense ManagementULRMS1yy
Acquisition & AccessionSupplier / vendor recordsULRMSUKCS1yyy
Acquisition & AccessionExport / import of order / bib data (EDIFACT)UKCS1y
Acquisition & AccessionRFID interoperabilty - incoming physical items1y
Acquisition & AccessionFund accountingULRMSUKCS3yy
Acquisition & AccessionInvoice processingULRMSUKCS5?y
Acquisition & AccessionDonations5?y
AuthoritiesStandard functions1y
AuthoritiesBib identifiers - ISBN / ISSN1yy
AuthoritiesAuthority ControlULRMSUKCS1y
AuthoritiesSubject Headings (e.g. LCSH)1yyy
AuthoritiesNames - People, Corporations, etc3?y
AuthoritiesLinked data authorities (e.g. Dbpedia)3?y
AuthoritiesPlace names3?y
Collection ManagementStandard functions1y
Collection ManagementStocktakingULRMSUKCS1y
Collection ManagementRemote storage management1yy
Collection ManagementExtremely large collections3??y
Collection ManagementPrint Archiving - Storage & Registry3yy
Curation (incl. Research Data)Standard functions3?y
Curation (incl. Research Data)Annotation3?y?
Curation (incl. Research Data)Notification3?yy
Curation (incl. Research Data)Ingest / Deposit processesULRMS3?y
Curation (incl. Research Data)Submission Agreement3?y
Curation (incl. Research Data)Granular permissions3?y
Curation (incl. Research Data)Context (incl. Inventory)3?y
Curation (incl. Research Data)Retrieval (incl. indexing, full text)3?y
Curation (incl. Research Data)Metadata for research assets / bundles3yy
Curation (incl. Research Data)Public / private DOIs for research assets3yyy
Curation (incl. Research Data)Landing pages for research assets3?yy
Curation (incl. Research Data)Research assets access control3?yy
Curation (incl. Research Data)Format Transformation (Derivatives)5?y
Curation (incl. Research Data)State (incl. Fixity, Replication)5?yy
Curation (incl. Research Data)Dark archiving5??y
Curation (incl. Research Data)Research asset relocation5?yy
Curation (incl. Research Data)Playback (incl. hardware, software)9?y
Discovery InfrastructureStandard functions1y
Discovery InfrastructureStable URLs1y
Discovery InfrastructurePersistent identifiers for assets (DOIs, URIs)1y
Discovery InfrastructureZ39.50 client and serverUKCS1yy
Discovery InfrastructureIndexUKCS1y
Discovery InfrastructureSearchUKCS1y
Discovery InfrastructureOutput of reference formatsUKCS1y
Discovery InfrastructureLink ResolutionULRMSUKCS1y
Discovery InfrastructureLink CheckingULRMSUKCS1?
Discovery InfrastructureHarmonistaion of metadata for discovery1?
Discovery InfrastructureInteroperability with discovery (e.g. Holds)1y
Discovery InfrastructureStaff / advanced SearchULRMSUKCS1y
Discovery InfrastructureWeb-based Collections1yy
Discovery InfrastructureExposure to search engines1yyy
Discovery InfrastructureDocumented APIs, also used internally1y?y
Discovery InfrastructureGoogle Scholar linkages1yy
Discovery InfrastructureSemantic Interoperability3?yy
Discovery InfrastructureLink Shortening3??y
Discovery InfrastructureExposure of metadata for reuse by third parties3y?y
Document delivery & ILLStandard functionsULRMSUKCS1y
Document delivery & ILLRequest, Receipt, Loan, RenewalULRMSUKCS1y
Document delivery & ILLCharges and fundsULRMSUKCS1y
Document delivery & ILLLoans to other librariesULRMSUKCS1yy
Ebooks ManagementStandard functions1y
Ebooks ManagementPatron Driven Acquisition (PDA) processes1yy
Ebooks ManagementE-books activity data1yy
Ebooks ManagementMetadata enhancement3yy
Enterprise ApplicationPortal3?y
Enterprise ApplicationAcademic profiles5?yy
Enterprise ApplicationAccess management (e.g. Turnstiles)5yy
Enterprise ApplicationAlumni5yy
Enterprise ApplicationBudget Management5yy
Enterprise ApplicationBusiness Intelligence & Analytics5y
Enterprise ApplicationHuman Resource Management5yy
Enterprise ApplicationPurchase Ledger5y
Enterprise ApplicationSales Ledger5y
Enterprise ApplicationStudent Records / Registry5yy
Enterprise ApplicationResearch data management planning (DMP)7y
Enterprise ApplicationFacilities booking7?y
Enterprise ApplicationResearch Information (CRIS)7y
Enterprise ApplicationCustomer Relationship Management7?y
Enterprise ApplicationDegree Awarding7y
Fulfilment (Circulation)Self-issue/return using SIP2/NCIPUKCS1y
Fulfilment (Circulation)Standard functions1y
Fulfilment (Circulation)Policies / Loan TermsULRMSUKCS1y
Fulfilment (Circulation)Patron / User ManagementULRMSUKCS1y
Fulfilment (Circulation)Fines & FeesULRMSUKCS1y?
Fulfilment (Circulation)Request Management (incl. Reservations)ULRMSUKCS1y
Fulfilment (Circulation)Smart FulfilmentULRMS1y
Fulfilment (Circulation)Issue, return and renewalUKCS1y
Fulfilment (Circulation)Library card managementUKCS1yy
Fulfilment (Circulation)NoticesUKCS1y
Fulfilment (Circulation)Activity / usage data1yyy
Library Mgmt InformationReportsULRMSUKCS1y
Library Mgmt InformationAnalyticsULRMS1yy
Library Mgmt InformationDashboards (incl. visualisations)1y
Metadata Mgmt (Cataloguing)Standard functions1y
Metadata Mgmt (Cataloguing)Format supportULRMS1y
Metadata Mgmt (Cataloguing)EditingULRMSUKCS1y
Metadata Mgmt (Cataloguing)Holdings (Item) Management